Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Sequel Is Never As Good As The Original!

A couple of months ago I was sitting in church
 listening to a wonderful lesson on Trials.
 I was handed a small card and asked to
write down some of my current trials. 
Yes, it was the middle of tax season,
meaning my husband was never home. 
Of course I was exhausted and drained from parenting alone. 
But I had nothing to write down. 
My mind was blank. 
My life is so good! 
*Cue "Jaws" music*
It was the eery calm that comes right before a storm, 
or using my past experiences as a reference, a Tsunami.

Time went on, Tax season ended, life is good.
I even had plans to get my eyes checked
 to see if I could get Lasik surgery!
Glasses for a whole week before
my appointment was brutal!
But I knew it would be worth it!!

Now, I have some things to write on that card.
I had my routine MRI scan done a few weeks ago 
to check the area of my head and face where my jaw was removed.

I was at the paint store the next day with my 8 year old daughter 
when I missed a phone call from my Dr.'s office.
It was a Friday after 5p.m., and the office manager asked
 that I call her cell phone.
(I knew that was not a good sign!)
I called her back, and she said my MRI scan was abnormal, 
and I needed another, plus a CT scan.
There was that stupid "Jaws" music again!

My 8 year old daughter could hear all of this,
and as I hung up she started saying, "Oh no, oh no, oh no." 
I tried my best to hold it together
and reassure her that everything was fine.
I was trying to convince myself.
We got home and I went into my room to tell Cory and I finally cried.
Like, crumple to the floor ugly cry.
The tears were a mixture of worry, anger, and more worry.
I put in my time of being sick. I feel great, 
and I am too busy to be sick again.
After about 2 minutes of tears,
I got up and dried my eyes,
and started working on distracting myself. 
I painted a bathroom to help me pass the time.
Waiting for answers is the worst part!
The paint was dark dark brown before.

Fast Forward a week (and 5lbs. of stress eating) 
and I finally have some answers.
The area I had surgery initially in 2014 actually looks great.
Nothing abnormal, thank goodness!

But my pituitary gland wanted to join the party
 and decided to grow a tumor of it's own!
Another Freaking Tumor!
Doesn't it know that was SO 2014?!

I am having more tests done to decide how best to treat it/remove it.
Of course, my tumors are friendly
and like to grow right up to surrounding body parts.
So it is looking like surgery will be in my near future.

This type of tumor is much more common than the one I had before.
The uncommon part is how fast it has showed up.
 I have had lots of scans after all.

So, for now, no Lasik for me.
(I am SO bummed!!!)
But you all are still stuck with me, 
this isn't going to kill me anytime soon.
I am not too stressed about it all.
But I am definitely bugged.
I am too busy to deal with this crap.
But man am I grateful my doctors saw it, and that it is fixable.
The sequel is never as good as the Original.
I thank my lucky stars for that.

Surgery was not in my summer plans!
But I definitely don't have much to complain about.
My life is still pretty great.

This is one of my favorite songs:

I find out any day now if I made it into the Nursing program here in Utah, 
to get my Bachelor's degree in Nursing. 
I would start in July, so I hope they fix me before then.
And hopefully having my pituitary healthy again 
won't regulate my hormones too much.
Cory would be so bored!

Here are some pictures of some of the things we have been up to that are a lot more fun.
This guy is usually ready to relax after kindergarten,
and the dog is more than happy to accommodate.

Talk about a lucky girl!
 She has only had two lessons so far, and she loves it. 

May 5th is a special day at our house. It is the birthday of our first baby, Lorraine.
We like to celebrate by buying a game we can all play together as a family.
One child decided not to participate because the game was too weird.
(Hint: Its the blonde one not pictured.)

This is my view most mornings.
She sneaks in sometime in the wee hours of the morning
and loves to cuddle with her daddy.

This Harry Potter fanatic turned 10 a few days ago.

Not sure if little sister likes being tied up!:)


  1. Of course, I am crying with you. And then laughing at your daughters undies and her leg thrown over your hubby in the bed! Gosh, we love you and your family! And you are right, we are stuck with you. Yay!!!

  2. Malena and I have both been through pituitary surgeries, so if you end up needing surgery and have questions then I'd love to answer them! As you probably know by now, whether you have surgery or not depends on the size of the adenoma, what it's pressing on, and which hormones it's messing with. Anyway, you're in my prayers! <3

    1. Thanks Sarah! I might have some questions. Of course this tumor is trying to cozy up with a major blood vessel and my optic nerve, and its covering most of the pituitary gland. We will see what the test results say. though I would love any tips or advice!! You have been through so much yourself!

  3. Love and miss you guys so much!!! You definitely will be in our prayers!! Love seeing your blog updates and how old your kids are getting. You're gorgeous as always and your kids are such cuties!!!! You are amazing and strong!!! Hang in there you got lots of people that love you and your family!!!!

    1. I feel the same way!! I haven't even met your (Not a baby anymore) baby! So sad! I miss seeing you guys!

  4. I love your outlook! Who just cries for 2 min and then paints a bathroom?! You that's who! You're a rockstar. I love you and your shining example friend! ❤️

    1. Haha! Got to get it out and move on. Distraction is key! I am definitely good at distracting myself.

  5. Oh man! Life is so fun sometimes. Just fun and games to be had, but thank goodness they caught it and have a plan. Good luck with the nursing program and surgery.

    1. I was going to correct something, but instead the whole thing vanished. Prayers are with you. You and Cory are strong and so are the children.

  6. You are such a trooper and a super beautiful one at that. You should get yourself a Wonder Woman costume to have and wear it often. Sorry to hear that Mother Nature has pulled our the rug from beneath you once again, but because you are who you are I will pray that all will go well with the upcoming surgery. Love all the Clegg/Bertola family. Mabel Romick SLZ. Say Hi to your grandma.